The Job

The CCSD Board of School Trustees are seeking an individual with visionary leadership and strong administrative skills to lead a district of 321,648 students. The salary will be in the range of $320,000 plus an excellent comprehensive benefits package. The final salary for the successful candidate will be negotiated and determined based upon proven experience, qualifications and meeting Board criteria.

Desired traits of the CCSD Superintendent

CCSD is seeking a Superintendent who:

  • Is strongly committed to a “student first” philosophy in all decisions and is an innovator when it comes to designing quality education.
  • Possesses the ability to enhance student performance, especially in identifying and closing or narrowing the gaps in student achievement.
  • Is a strong communicator; speaking, listening and writing while still being willing to listen to input and be a decision maker on a reasonable timeline.
  • Promotes a positive and professional environment that includes mutual trust and respect among faculty, staff, administrators and Board.
  • Possesses the leadership skills, knowledge and sensitivity required to respond to the opportunities and challenges presented by an ethnically and culturally diverse student population and community. Is willing to visit the different neighborhoods.
  • Inspires trust, has high levels of self-confidence and optimism, and models high standards of integrity and personal performance.
  • Is comfortable in leading innovation in a large organization dedicated to goals of continuous improvement
  • Demonstrates commitment to community visibility and actively engages family, student, community and employees in learning as well as community groups and organizations.
  • Has the ability to recruit exceptional personnel for the district and schools and to retain qualified individuals within.
  • Has experience with effective management and planning practices that will include fiscal and data transparency, accountability and strategic oversight which will benefit the long-term financial health of district.
  • Is able to delegate authority appropriately while maintaining accountability especially at school leadership levels.
  • Has experience in the selection and implementation of educational priorities consistent with the interests and needs of students, staff, board and community.
  • Is able to work with legislators on key topics and can lead an organization throughout the legislative process.


The Clark County School District (CCSD) Board of School Trustees announced the names of the following finalists to interview to be the next superintendent.

The candidates are:

  • Donald T. Haddad, Ed.D.
    Superintendent, St. Vrain Valley Schools, Longmont, Colorado
  • Shonda Huery Hardman, Ed.D
    Coach, Consultant, Urban Specialist, FranklinCovey
  • Jesus F. Jara, Ed.D
    Orange County Public Schools, Deputy Superintendent

At the April 19 board meeting, the board will review the following current and former CCSD employees who applied for the position.

Then, the board will consider who to add to the list of finalists for the position.

  • Mike Barton
    Chief Academic Officer, CCSD
  • Cody O. Claver
    Executive Vice President, iCademy Middle East; former teacher
  • Mark Coleman
    Superintendent/Principal at Littlefield Unified School District #9; former principal deputy director of the administrator’s union
  • Jhone M. Ebert
    Deputy Senior Commission, New York State Department of Education; former chief innovation and productivity officer
  • Robert A. Gerye
    Founder and President, The EdExcellence; former principal and administrative leadership development director
  • Deborah Gruner
    Host and server; former substitute teacher
  • John S. Haynal
    Principal, Dr. C. Owen Roundy, Vegas Verdes and Elaine Wynn elementary schools
  • Mollie Ann Holt
    Spokeswoman, Dickey’s BBQ; former guest teacher and support staff
  • Timothy S. Hughes
    Partner, The New Teacher Project; former teacher coach
  • April Lealia Key
    Deputy Chief Human Resources Officer
  • Antonio Rael
    School Associate Superintendent
  • Michele Robinson
    Superintendent of Schools, Paramus Public Schools; former teacher
  • Jesse Welsh
    Associate Superintendent of Curriculum and Professional Development
  • Eva M. White
    Director of Human Resources and Administrative Services, Sauk Rapids-Rice Public Schools; former interim chief financial officer